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To Sammie

Dearest Sammie, I love starting my day out by having you on MSN to talk to while I wake up and sip my first coffee of the morning. It's nice to have my youngest around to keep me company during the day. We laugh, giggle and look at ebay together and have a lot of fun in the process. HUGGLES Love, Mum

letters for Sammie

hey y'all,
if we all have time i'd like to start the "letters" part of this comm. basically do it as if you were writing directly to her (which you are, as she will see these eventually) and voice your support/hugs/encouragement/whatever.

just remember, please keep it positive. :)

thanks y'all :)

for those on twitter....a request

you may have noticed the #beatcancer hash tag. rumor has it that ebay is going to donate a penny per tweet with this mentioned and that Guinness wants to make a new world record.

copy/pasted info here:
eBay/Paypal and MillerCoors are donating a cent per hashtag (via tweet, Facebook update, or blog post). The campaign is aiming for a Guinness World Record “for the distribution of the largest mass message through social media” in one day.

those of you who have twitter, i think it would boost Sammie a little if we did a post to #beatcancer with her name in it and/or a message to her. she may not see them all but it is essentially telling twitter/the internet/the world that we are thinking of her.

thanks everyone :)

For Our Sammie

I give you a picture of a pretty little butterfly having a sip from a Cuban jute flower to brighten your day. Cheeky thing would fly REAL close and land, settle just long enough for the camera to focus and adjust and then flit away. LOL And I thought ferrets were hard to photograph! At least they can't fold themselves up and pretty much vanish from the view finder. LMAO!

You are loved! *HUGS!*

Love and sunshine

Ok, can't do the sunshine but I can give you looooooove. Oh, and Thomas loves you too!

Good Morning Sammie!!

Good morning sweetie! HUGZ
Sending you hugs, energy and a bit of magick to brighten your day! Be strong! You are not alone. We are with you even though we are far away. Above all, remember, you can talk to us! We will listen. You can Skype me or add me to your messengers if you like. Windfire/Eternal and Cheille both have my info and you are welcome to it. ;-)

Send Calming thoughts

Send our girl some calming thoughts and healing ones for her sister. Little Steph is in hospital and Sammie is beside herself. *Sends HUGZ to Sammie and Steph*
Good morning to our Sammie! I think it would be great if we all took to sending her little thoughts and hugs through here as our own day goes on. So drop a line off and on, give her little cyber hugs to make her day easier!